As a company grows, it’s vital that its customer support team grows, too, otherwise it risks delivering a less than satisfactory service and damaging its brand reputation.

Because high-growth companies are, by their very nature, young, dynamic businesses, they may not have the experience to deal with the customer service issues that come hand in hand with a quickly-growing organisation.

Many decide to grow their internal team rather than outsourcing to a specialist provider, however, growing your internal team might not be the most efficient, effective and beneficial option.


A customer service partner brings a wealth of very specific experience, which can be greatly beneficial when it comes to exploring available customer service options and navigating any potential pitfalls, so helping high-growth companies with little experience in this aspect of operations by providing a good understanding of what to aim for, what to learn from, and what to avoid.


Building a customer service team in-house demands a significant amount of resources and financial investment. For high-growth businesses, these resources may either be unavailable or required elsewhere. Working with a service provider allows you to build out the best and most cost-effective solution that can save time, money and resources, so these can be focussed on other areas of your growing business.


A customer service partner offers a level of diversity that is hard to reflect in-house without a sizeable and varied team. Different businesses and customers prefer different channels of communication.

Digitally-based companies, for example, are very internet-reliant, meaning their customer base is typically found online and likely prefers to initiate contact through these platforms. However, that doesn’t mean the business only needs to offer online customer service options. Communicating over the phone is still a necessary and vital support option. The need for human to human contact is very important for building your brand reputation and ensuing your customers’ voice is heard. Phone support is still the best channel to deliver this.

For a successful customer service offering, a high-growth company will need to offer more than one channel of communication, in line with the needs of their growing customer base.

A specialist customer service provider brings the skills and resources to deploy multiple channels and adjust accordingly as business and customer needs change.

Choosing the right service partner

Of course, choosing the right customer service partner is absolutely vital for any organisation, but particularly within a business with a strong culture and an ambitious vision for growth.

It’s important to choose a partner that fits and complements your business in every aspect of its culture – from agility through to objectives. If, for example, the vision is to expand the company on an international basis, a service partner with access to locations abroad and multiple languages could be a good fit.

To find out more about how a specialist customer service provider can benefit your high-growth company, or to discuss your specific requirements, please get in touch.

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