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When outsourcing customer service, do you know what you need?

Outsourcing customer services can bring a number of benefits – from cost savings and enhanced performance, through to flexibility and improving customer experience. However, for outsourcing to succeed and to ensure you reap the many benefits of doing this, it’s...

Creating the right culture to outsource customer service

When a company opts to outsource customer service, or any area of their business for that matter, there needs to be a significant shift in culture. Whether you’re outsourcing for the first time or working with a new provider, it’s important to not only find the right...

Outsource to buy experience, not just save money

Many companies view outsourcing purely as a way to reduce costs. But, while outsourcing can undoubtedly help companies to save money, there’s so much more available. Things such as improving performance, gaining capabilities not available internally, adding to...

When to outsource; is your business ready?

Many organisations choose to outsource some or all of their customer service provision, and the question of when to outsource is critical. If your business is ready outsourcing can offer a host of benefits, allowing companies to reduce costs, optimise productivity,...

Customer analytics; the path to improved customer experience (CX)

I recently participated in a webinar with my colleagues Nick Sellers, Senior Director, Strategy and Marketing, & Bo Young, Executive Director, Customer Analytics on how to use customer analytics for customer experience (CX) and business process excellence....

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