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Thanks for your interest in SYKESHome for Europe – our work-at-home agent solution for customer service in Europe. For sales enquiries please complete and submit the form below and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible. For Work At Home job vacancies please click here.

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Home-based customer service is a must for your business

As the world continues to cope with the unprecedented impact the current situation is having on our lives, economies, and businesses, companies are forced to react to the new landscape and put measures in place that ensure they are able to function, at least to some...

Consider all customer service options in a crisis

The world is a strange and uncertain place right now. In times of crisis, customer service plays a key role – it’s only natural that your customers will have questions and concerns, and it’s important that they know you’re still there to respond to them. With this in...

Reassurance amid uncertainty

All organisations, great and small, must look ahead to grow and improve performance, whether this is developing new products and services, or by adding and satisfying more customers. As they grow, they must develop and stress-test crisis management plans to ensure...

Outsource to a Partner, NOT a Vendor!

In today’s dynamic markets, businesses increasingly look to scale or broaden their customer service provision, as well as other business needs, through outsourcing. The decision to outsource is not always a straightforward one, and it’s important to carefully consider...

Outsourcing to one support partner; it’s not a risk

When it comes to outsourcing to one support partner (single-sourcing), there is a view that it’s risky. As a result, as companies evolve and grow, they often bring new partners on board to handle part of their customer service requirement. But, when managed in the...

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