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SYKESHome Europe

SYKESHome is a home-based agent customer support solution that delivers a comprehensive suite of distributed workforce and outsource capabilities across Europe.

The future of outsourced customer service!

At SYKES, we believe that for many people working from home is the future. Delivering a highly flexible solution to many business needs, SYKESHome is outsourced customer support that makes it happen.

SYKES Case Study

Automation optimises service experience for customers and advisors, and reduces support operations costs

SYKES Case Study

A quality solution to meet growing customer service needs.

SYKES Case Study

Customer support model cost-optimised through Work-At-Home.

SYKES Case Study

The Benefits of Adding Business to an Outsourcer Agreement.

It’s time to say goodbye to the term agent!

For the past four decades or so, those working on the customer service frontline have been known as agents. Although other monikers may have come and gone, the agent title has remained. But more recently we have increasingly seen instances where businesses retired the...

Looking towards the future and recovery.

As we move into the second half of 2021, there are signs that things are starting to get back to normal. Consumer demand is picking up and businesses in many sectors are looking towards the future and recovery. But recovery doesn’t have to mean getting back to...

Work At Home is still part of the conversation.

Home-based customer service has been around for years. But, for the majority of this time, it hasn’t truly been embraced and adopted as mainstream. Though seen as an option, adoption wasn’t essential for most businesses. But 2020 changed all that, and the work-at-home...

What OneTEAM delivered for SYKES Brand Partners in 2020.

When the majority of Customer Service departments found they couldn’t continue working in the office last year, they also found they couldn’t easily work from home. Making the changes needed to comply with an unforeseen situation and new rules necessitated compromises...

Automation – risk or opportunity for customer experience?

Automation is on the rise, with companies across all sectors viewing it as an effective tool for positive business transformation. But, as technology advances and becomes ever-more sophisticated, it’s perhaps not surprising that employees are concerned for their...

SYKES Case Study

Delivering success through a work-at-home/in-centre blended model.

SYKES Case Study

Time-sensitive fulfilment programme for a global banking client.

SYKES Case Study

Raising standards in customer care for a fast food platform provider.

SYKES Self-Service Europe

SYKES Self-Service Europe provides a comprehensive solution to businesses that need straight forward self-serve tools for customers.

SYKES Client Finance Services

A unique Financial Solution to meet the complex needs of international trade.

Consolidation: Helping brands to centralise European customer support

Create consistency while delivering on your customers’ local cultural and language expectations.

SYKES Fulfilment

As experts in fulfilment, SYKES has been providing specialist handling, storage, and distribution services for over 30 years – providing real solutions, for real people.

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