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We’ve created work-at-home resources to share information about this exciting model for European home-based agent customer service. Please click on links and icons below to view items of interest, and your feedback on topics of interest is important so we can provide further assistance.

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SYKESHome Europe: What makes SYKES’ work-at-home solution standout compared to others in the market?

SYKESHome Europe: Is work-at-home the future of outsourcing?

SYKESHome Europe: Impact to SYKES’ Business Strategy

SYKESHome Europe: How has SYKES’ work-at-home experience in North America paved the way for Europe?

SYKESHome Europe: Looking Five Years Into the Future

SYKESHome Europe: Biggest Challenge of Delivering a Work At Home Solution

SYKESHome Europe: Key Client Benefits

SYKESHome Europe: Key employee benefits

SYKES’ Key Differentiators in EMEA

Work-At-Home & Robotics in EMEA

Workforce Management & Quality Council Achievements

Join Us and Work from Home at SYKES in the UK

Arbeit wie sie zu mir passt GERMANY@HOME English

SYKESHome Europe: Onboarding At-Home Agents

SYKESHome Europe: Main Benefits

Solution brochure downloads

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SYKESHome Europe

SYKESHome is a home-based agent customer support solution that delivers a comprehensive suite of distributed workforce and outsource capabilities across Europe.

The future of outsourced customer service!

At SYKES, we believe that for many people working from home is the future. Delivering a highly flexible solution to many business needs, SYKESHome is outsourced customer support that makes it happen.

SYKES Shared Resource Group

SYKES Shared Resource Group (SRG) provides quality, high performance customer support for small programmes with multilingual and multichannel complexity.

SYKES Returns Management

What was once considered good customer service is no longer good enough. But as companies make improvements to service levels, customers will always expect more.

SYKES Case Study

The Benefits of Adding Business to an Outsourcer Agreement.

SYKES Case Study

Work-at-home is a quality solution to meet growing customer service needs.

SYKES Case Study

Powder Design B2B/B2C Fulfilment.

SYKES Case Study

Delivering success through a work-at-home/in-centre hybrid model.

SYKES Case Study

Work-at-home agents augment in-centre customer service to optimise support costs.

Looking forward – what’s next for Customer Service?

The ongoing restrictions have had a significant impact on the way businesses operate, particularly how they engage with their customers. We’ve made it through phase one – where businesses made significant changes, and quickly – and we’re now in the middle of phase...

The experts agree: the future of customer service looks different to the past

Over the past few weeks, companies around the globe have been forced to make significant changes to their day-to-day customer service operations in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. As we begin to look towards the future, it’s clear that everything has changed. When...

The Different Outsourced Work-at-Home Models

For companies considering introducing an outsourced work-at-home element to their customer service, it’s important to consider the three distinct work-at-home models: Contractor – agents are contractors to the partner, they aren’t an employee and are paid only for the...

Switching Outsourcing Partner because of Service Disruption

As we get over the disruption of recent weeks and look towards the future, companies are considering whether their current contact centre partners or in-house operations are equipped to deliver in our new reality. It’s becoming clear that things are unlikely to return...

Customer Engagement Service Design post-Covid

We spoke to Gareth Jones, Business Development Director at SYKES, to find out more about likely best practice in customer experience design, post-crisis. As we start to recognise that this current crisis isn’t going to be resolved by a given date, businesses are...

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