An increasing number of companies are recognising the benefits of outsourcing their customer service needs to a specialist provider.

Outsourcing customer service the right way can save time, money and resources, while increasing coverage, streamlining processes, and ensuring that your customers receive the highest level of service.

Great customer service is always cited as a key factor for brand loyalty. So, if you’re considering outsourcing, the key is to ensure you do it for the right reasons and in the right way. Outsourcing customer service the right way is dependent upon the following key points:

  • Relationship
  • Experience
  • Understanding


Outsourcing customer service to a specialist provider is a big step, and it’s important that you trust them and believe in their ability to deliver what you want. Look for a company you can see yourself building a long-term relationship with.

Success comes through an open, direct, and professional relationship with real substance. So, as your company grows and changes, your customer service partner must have the capacity, agility, and commitment to support you along the way.

Communication is vital to relationship, and both parties must be able to express what’s working, what isn’t working, and what the next steps should be. This means that any potential issues can be spotted and resolved as early as possible.


When outsourcing customer service it’s important to choose a partner that is well-established, with a great reputation, and plenty of relevant knowledge and experience for your industry.

For example, if they’re providing support for your smartphone brand they should demonstrate strong technical skills and an understanding of how your business works. And similarly, if your business is in the healthcare sector, they must demonstrate the right compliance and empathy traits to establish themselves for you as they support the customer.

In addition, they must demonstrate the right resources to deliver all your service needs.


Your customers are familiar with the way you deal with them, whether in writing or through voice. So, when outsourcing customer service, it’s imperative that your partner has the needed understanding of your organisation and your approach to customer service. From a customer point of view, their support team should sound just like any internal teams you maintain.

Finding a customer service partner that will invest the time and resources to really understand and deliver on your approach to customer service is key.

Of course, understanding works both ways, and you’ll also need to understand partner abilities, skills, and approach. The more each party understands about the other, the more likely the relationship will be strong and successful.

To find out more about outsourcing customer service the right way, please get in touch.

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