Customer service training in a virtual environment must be effective, efficient, engaging and a convenient way to prepare work-at-home agents for their role. However, it’s vital that virtual customer service training is well planned, prepared and executed.

Getting ready to deliver virtual training involves a number of stages, including designing the content, creating a blended virtual solution, and working with subject matter experts and the client to build the training package. And it’s important to train the virtual facilitators so they can competently and effectively deliver training that is engaging, effective and fun.

With all of this in mind, effective planning is vital for successful customer service training in the virtual environment.

Engaging the Virtual Training Team

Delivering customer service training virtually is not simply a case of taking existing classroom content and delivering it online. Virtual training must be well planned and thought through to ensure it is fit for purpose. For example, training material used in a virtual classroom should be fully interactive and tailored specifically to this environment.

To ensure that the process runs smoothly, engage your virtual training team early on in discussions for the successful, on-time implementation of the project.

Lead Time

Preparing virtual training materials takes time. For example, the conversion of in-centre materials to virtual training content can take from 6 weeks to 4 months, depending on the complexity of what’s being trained and the company’s needs.

It’s important to factor this into the planning process and remember that virtual training is not immediately ready to go. Existing training materials regularly fail to meet virtual training requirements, or don’t have the necessary form, structure, and agenda for delivery. This can lead to significant delays while materials are reviewed and converted. Having a clear, structured, and well thought out plan in place will ensure that lead times are achieved.


Through proper planning, it’s possible to create a comprehensive virtual training programme of great value to your organisation.

Once your training materials are converted, they can be used in both virtual and in-centre classroom environments. Furthermore, they can even be used to train in-centre agents while they are sitting at their desks, as part of a blended training solution.

Effective planning is essential for customer service training in the virtual environment. To find out how SYKESHome can help, please get in touch.

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