Work-at-home is an exciting and growing model, with a growing number of individuals and organisations embracing the benefits that come hand in hand with an at-home environment.

A work-at-home customer service role can offer a great starting point to a new career, or a flexible route back into the workplace – allowing you to achieve career ambitions from the comfort of your own home, in a way that works for you.

Career development

There are a whole host of opportunities to build a career within a work-at-home customer support environment and the good news is, these opportunities will only broaden as more and more employers identify new ways to build their support service teams, without the limitations of conventional travel-to-work models.

Whether agents opt to move up the ladder and become team manager or team lead or move sideways into other areas such as training, IT support or quality, securing a role within a work-at-home customer support team can offer a great starting point for a rewarding career.

And it’s increasingly favoured by employers too…

From an employer’s perspective, work-at-home employees are typically highly skilled individuals looking for a way to fit the workplace with their lifestyle.

A home-based agent model allows companies to source dedicated and skilled employees who can provide customer affinity, local knowledge and language skills, without geographical barriers.

With this in mind, companies are adopting work-at-home teams and increasing the types of roles that can be done within an at-home environment.

What’s more, as employers increasingly recognise the benefits of developing, retaining and progressing work-at-home positions, they are integrating career development into their initial recruitment conversations and actively looking for candidates who consider their first work-at-home role as the starting point of a career.

To find out more about the benefits of work-at-home roles and how you can carve out a successful career within the work-at-home environment, please visit our careers page.

If you are a brand interested in developing a home-based support team to deliver great customer service, please get in touch.

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