Work-at-home brings a host of benefits, allowing for highly flexible customer service operations, improved business continuity, and a better employee work-life balance.

For home-based colleagues to perform effectively and efficiently, they must have support and access to the right tools and technology.

Automation, for example, supports their work by speeding up issue resolution, eliminating repetitive tasks, and improving process flows. With supporting automation in place, they bridge between the customer and the system. In the front, sits the customer looking for an answer, while behind the automation tool provides recommended answers. The colleague works between the two, an interface, using the information received from both customer and machine to establish the need, articulate it, and resolve the issue.

Another example would be the calls agents often receive from customers who are trying to self-serve but can’t quite find the right answers. The technologies working behind the agent can provide insights into what the customer looked for and which webpage they were on when they decided to call because of a dedicated number assigned to that page.

This gives more insight into what is going on with the customer. Meanwhile, in the background, the platform can scan the chat and offer suggestion solutions based on previously-used successful answers on the same topic.

Work At Home the SYKES way

SYKES is unique because we have the resources and experience to provide the frontline team that answers customer questions and also to manage online self-service content and the customer journey before, during and after interaction with the colleague. We have, in addition, our own automation resources to support our team and customers, helping them, and then feeding data to support process improvements.

With this service-service content and automation support, the speed with which SYKESHome agents reach competency is significantly quicker than with conventional support.

Each SYKESHome agent is supported by OneTEAM, a SYKES platform that allows them to chat, raise a hand to talk to a supervisor, flag issues, get real-time support from product specialists, and more. This means that, despite working remotely, they are in an environment where they are as connected as ever.

And it works. According to our data, agent performance and productivity is up. In fact, many agents that moved from the office prefer to remain working at home now they’ve settled and are working effectively with the tools provided.

Ultimately, the impact of lockdown on customer service hasn’t been as severe as it could have been for brands because SYKES already has the tools needed to navigate the work from home environment successfully, ensuring both customers and agents are fully supported.

SYKES has been helping customers for over forty years. If your customer service strategy needs experience and resources for success, please get in touch!

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