When the majority of Customer Service departments found they couldn’t continue working in the office last year, they also found they couldn’t easily work from home. Making the changes needed to comply with an unforeseen situation and new rules necessitated compromises and reduced standards of care.


For most, their Business Continuity Planning (BCP) took account of a short period with no power to the building, or a local sickness bug, or similar. They didn’t expect that their BCP would necessitate a whole new way of working, away from the office with its established routines and familiar ways, for more than a short time.

  • In short, they hadn’t expected work-at-home to be their Customer Service model for a year.

Instead, reliance on legacy office-bound platforms and traditional methods, such as agents simply raising their hands when they needed support, highlighted that their communication and management tools were unsuited to what was now needed.

As a result, one of the major lessons of the last 12 months was that managers felt uncomfortable because they couldn’t see what people working remotely were doing.

And they couldn’t communicate as well as they would in-centre, and it was hard or even impossible for them to support and coach their frontline colleagues.

Customers were gracious, for a while

The challenges faced by customers were many. Support hours were cut, available communication channels reduced, and queues were long. All this was the result of customer service and communications technologies being unsuited to deploy at home so the team could unplug from the office, plug in elsewhere, and continue what they did before.

As time has rolled on, many of these constraints remain in place. The cost of change, and the resources required to implement new platforms, is considerable.

But customers don’t care about business costs and resources and simply grumble about reduced standards of care, or transfer their loyalty elsewhere.

SYKES OneTEAM provides the ideal solution

Developed by SYKES over several years, and well before recent events, OneTEAM is a comprehensive solution, providing the perfect platform for remote team management and collaboration. OneTEAM enables clear communication and close collaboration wherever team members are based. Raising your hand, asking for help, and accessing knowledge is made easy for colleagues working remotely, as well as those working in-centre.

For managers, OneTEAM gives a team overview, allowing them to manage customer interactions, colleague statuses, hold one to one conversations, conduct team chats, provide coaching, and more. This technology helps managers effectively manage their teams, wherever they are located, while supporting colleagues and ensuring customers have the best possible experience.

For SYKES brand partners, OneTEAM is PCI compliant, providing reassurance that the technologies used comply with leading industry standards. Colleagues have access to only the information needed for the task they are working on. This ensures client and customer data is securely handled and relevant regulations are adhered to.

Recognised at the 2021 UK Innovation Awards

Highlighting just how much this technology has supported our brand partners and enabled SYKES to maintain high standards and performance over the past 12 months, OneTEAM was recognised with a podium placing at the 2021 UK Innovation Awards, in the category of Remote Management of Customer Interactions.

To find out more about how SYKES OneTEAM can help your business, please get in touch!

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