Making the decision to outsource your customer service isn’t one to be taken lightly.

It’s important to outsource for the right reasons and to the right partner

All-too frequently, a potential partner receives inbound enquiries from companies that want to launch an RFP, however, at this point the two businesses are strangers – nobody knows anybody and neither party knows if the other will be a good fit.

While many businesses believe they don’t have the time or resources to start to build a relationship before choosing an outsourcing partner, it is incredibly important for this to take place. The decision to outsource is so much more complex than simply deciding to hand over a process. So, it’s well worth investing the time and resources to build understanding and rapport.

Nurturing a relationship requires time to build trust

If you want to identify a partner that satisfies your current and future business objectives, invest the time to build that relationship.

With the release of an RFP, there is often a degree of time pressure, and this can take its toll on existing relationships, putting them at risk of long-term damage. The stronger relationships are prior to the RFP stage, the more likely they are to come through such a challenging period.

And it’s not just about the long-term relationship. The accuracy and value of the outcome is very much dependent on the quality of the relationship. The more closely people are connected, and the more closely the business is connected with the people they want to partner with, the deeper understanding of core factors will exist, such as aims, values and culture.

Every company has its own distinct culture

So, where one company’s culture may be very focused on customer care and the customer experience, another’s may be driven primarily by sales. It’s important to understand your own culture and ensure that the outsource partner you’re considering matches. For example, are they are customer-centric company? Or are they a sales-centred business?

Success comes from choosing the right support partner and, in order to achieve that, having a true understanding of what you, as a business, want and need is vital, as well as whether the potential partner is equipped to deliver that. Once at the RFP, it might be too late to establish whether a company is right for you.

To conclude, building relationship and understanding is crucial before the RFP stage. There is no room for error in the process and getting it right is important for the best outcome – a lack of patience, pressure, or taking shortcuts really doesn’t pay off in the long term.

To get the most out of your outsourcing partnership, it’s vital to dedicate the time and resources to building the relationship and understanding prior to going to RFP. To find out more about SYKES, how we do business, and how SYKES might help you to outsource your customer service, get in touch.

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