Security is a key consideration in every customer service programme, and it’s vital that the highest standards are maintained at all times regardless of where the customer service (CS) colleague sits.

Meeting stringent security requirements in remote working can be particularly challenging. Over recent years, smart use of technology has enabled us to create the right environment in which home-based agents can be deployed safely and securely.

Testament to this security-focussed approach, SYKESHome EMEA systems are now certified for both PCI – the Payment Card Industry standard – and ISO27001 – the international standard for information security.

This double certification highlights SYKESHome’s on-going commitment to quality, compliance, best practice, and transparency.

PCI certified

Protecting customer information is always a key concern. PCI standards govern card holder data when purchases are made, providing reassurance for both customers and the brands we work with.

Under PCI regulations, businesses can be:

  • Compliant – meaning they understand the rules and police themselves
  • Certified – meaning an independent auditor checks they are fully compliant.

While neither compliance nor certification are a legal requirement, PCI certification signals that SYKESHome technology fully satisfies PCI requirements, and that this has been determined by an external auditor.

We’re proud that SYKESHome platforms have received full PCI certification, demonstrating that information captured and used is not only necessary to fulfil our function, but also that it is handled securely.

Not only this, but this certification makes SYKES part of a united, global response to fighting payment card data compromises.

ISO27001 certified

ISO21001 is an international standard for information security. Certification to ISO27001 standards shows that the information security management system (ISMS) in place is aligned with information security best practices around the world.

To be ISO27001 certified, a business demonstrates that it has invested in the people, processes, and technology to protect data to agreed standards, which is assessed and confirmed by an external auditor.

This certification highlights SYKESHome technology commitment to protecting information.

  • We’re incredibly proud to have received certification for both PCI and ISO27001 standards, in a work-at-home (WAH) environment.

Both certifications give SYKES clients the reassurance that our systems and processes are secure and trusted, satisfying industry standards they will recognise.

If you’re working with a WAH Customer Experience Management (CXM) partner, make sure you ask if they are PCI and ISO27001 certified! Compliance is one thing, but certification requires the scrutiny and agreement of an approved auditor.

To find out more about SYKESHome and how we can support your CX business, please get in touch.

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