For colleagues to work from home effectively and efficiently, they need access to the right tech.

It’s not just a case of providing any technology that plugs in and works. It must be right for the work-at-home environment to ensure productivity is high and eliminate risks and doubts from the business’ perspective.

SYKESHome provides at-home colleagues with the equipment they need to perform to high standards. This dedicated technology ensures agents are fully supported, while also locking the equipment to be accessed only by the agent, and in an approved way.

Let’s take a closer look:

Agent kits and user access

When the agent receives their kit, everything they need is pre-installed. As each kit is tailored to serve the needs of each programme, some applications are provided by us and others by the client, but all are available on arrival. Every device is locked to a specific user, so only they can access it.

All computers are limited in terms of what can be plugged in. Approved and necessary items like mouse, keyboard, webcam and monitor are permitted, but additional items are restricted with USB and similar ports locked to prevent unauthorised use.

When a colleague logs in, the technology recognises the keystrokes and style or cadence they typically use. Changes to this can flag unusual activity, which may indicate that someone else is attempting to gain access.

User support is provided 24/7 so there’s always assistance available should the unexpected happen.


This SYKES platform was developed to help work-at-home teams. Through this, colleagues can collaborate and chat, ask for support from their managers, and raise their hand for help, even using a knowledge bot to draw in previously-used answers to customer questions. And there is supervisory access where managers can monitor activity, identify unexpected behaviours and support their team.

The platform also delivers micro-training during quiet periods. For example, should it be identified during a QA or coaching session that a colleague would benefit from refresher or additional training on a specific topic, this can be offered in short training modules between calls.

Own the distribution

Of course, sending out thousands of kits to agents around Europe is not a simple task. While contact centres have a mail room, these are limited in capacity. From our own fulfilment centre, we distribute kits to colleagues, and send replacements when they are required. Having the logistics in place means that, during a new programme ramp or crisis, we can respond quickly to support every one of our agents regardless of location.

SYKES has been helping clients to support their customers for over forty years. If your work-at-home strategy needs experience and resources for success, please get in touch!

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