Digital Enablement

Digital Enablement

Digital Enablement

Two digital packs add further value for SYKESHome buyers, enabling additional security, insight, and assistance.



This brings added security to existing SYKESHome measures where buyers need greater peace of mind. Facial recognition software combines with other access controls to create multi-factor authentication and ensure that the person accessing resources remotely is approved to do so.

Fully compliant with European legislation, access complies with stringent risk management requirements.



Digital Assistants created by Sykes Digital Services (SDS) reduce agent effort while increasing speed of access to information through automation.

As a result, important improvements are achieved –

  • Customer profiles are built by a Digital Assistant for colleagues during interactions, reducing the need to access Systems of Record and reducing access to sensitive customer information.
  • Knowledge is accessed by the Assistant during each live customer interaction, bringing answers and next steps for the colleague to use, saving time and increasing customer service consistency.
  • After-call work is removed because agreed next steps, administration and recording-keeping is automated.
  • Speed to competence for new colleagues is faster, because Digital Assistants provide guidance and knowledge.

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