Agile Customer Experience Management

Change and adapt to satisfy commercial and customer needs

Customer Experience Management (CXM) challenges are always there. Delivering customer service at scale and across many languages in this dynamic environment requires expertise and resources.

SYKESHome provides outsourced customer service through home-based teams across the region, supported by communications, security, and automation technologies, and guided by decades of experience.

There are no office capacity constraints, such as seats and classrooms. And SYKES colleagues, with agreed hours of employment, are not contractors or zero-hour contract employees. With the right people recruited in each role, trained and managed virtually, and working in their own homes across the region, SYKESHome is the best alternative to office-based contact centre.

Key components to success @Home

Twenty years of remote team management experience is important to achieving success, as is the understanding that work-at-home customer service does not perform well using office-based methods and processes.

SYKES OneTEAM technology provides the user environment for managers and colleagues, facilitating collaboration, communication, team performance, and quality management.

Facial recognition software enables multi-factor authentication, adding further security layers for enhanced risk management.

Digital Assistants, developed by Sykes Digital Services (SDS), help colleagues by quickly accessing knowledge and information to speed interactions, and by collating and recommending previously-used answers to assist with customer questions.

SYKESHome is agile, secure and digitally-enabled.

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