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These videos explain how SYKESHome helps businesses to deliver European customer service. Use the links and icons below to view items of interest, and please provide feedback on topics you’re interested in knowing more about. We’re happy to help.

What makes SYKES’ work-at-home solution standout compared to others in the market?

Is work-at-home the future of outsourcing?

Impact to SYKES’ Business Strategy

How has SYKES’ work-at-home experience in North America paved the way for Europe?

Looking Five Years Into the Future

Biggest Challenge of Delivering a Work At Home Solution

Key Client Benefits

Key Employee Benefits

SYKES' Key Differentiators in EMEA

Work-At-Home & Robotics in EMEA

The traditional high street could soon be a chapter in history.

E-commerce, in its current form, began life in 1995 with the arrival of Amazon and eBay. Back then, the concept of online retail was still in its infancy. The high street reigned for the consumer and was an essential part of everyday life. Being able to go to a...

Work-at-home zero-hour customer service contracts offer savings, but at a cost.

Brands are increasingly recognising the value of a work-at-home element to their customer service. For businesses considering work-at-home, there are several models available, each offering individual benefits that companies can choose from, deciding which is right...

2021 Customer Service Success and the Role of Outsourcers

2020 has been a challenging year for businesses, right across the globe. 2020 was not anticipated to be a positive year for business. In fact, the 23rd PWC survey of global CEOs, conducted late in 2019 across all verticals, revealed only 27% were confident that...

There’s no vaccine for a no-deal Brexit!

On 1st January 2021, the business environment will change for organisations trading between the European Union (EU) and UK. A great degree of uncertainty remains about what that the relationship will be, but one thing is for certain – businesses need to prepare to...

They say that every cloud has a silver lining.

As Coronavirus continues to have an unparalleled impact across the globe, with millions of people seeing their livelihoods, way of life, and health at risk, it may seem unfruitful or even insensitive to be looking for positives. But the pandemic has forced businesses...

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