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This high-level overview of SYKESHome describes how we help businesses to successfully serve their European customers. Please provide feedback on topics you’re interested in knowing more about. We’re happy to help.

SYKESHome platforms achieve PCI and ISO27001 certification

Security is a key consideration in every customer service programme, and it’s vital that the highest standards are maintained at all times regardless of where the customer service (CS) colleague sits. Meeting stringent security requirements in remote working can be...

Impact Sourcing: How international businesses positively impact communities.

Every business has an impact on the community around it, some positive and some negative. For example, when a large supermarket opens in a small town it provides employment in the community but can force local stores to close. Impact sourcing is all about smart,...

Using channels as a point of escalation.

When creating the right customer experience (CX), brands must consider how to resolve user issues, while maintaining high levels of satisfaction. For some, providing a range of different contact channels is enough. They give consumers options, and each customer can...

What content interests B2B buyers?

The B2B buying process has evolved over recent years, largely due to the changing digital landscape. Purchasing decisions are increasingly complex, with buyers adapting research behaviours in response. Where they would traditionally have contacted the sales team at...

Choosing the right contact channel – a balancing act for brands

When delivering an effective customer experience (CX), one of the key factors is choosing the right contact channels. Brands must consider how they can effectively resolve different customer issues, while maintaining high levels of satisfaction.  Today, many companies...

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