Work at Home: Taking work-life balance further

Patrick Gorman, Business Development Analyst

According to HR Director, some 4.2 million people in the UK work from home. That’s 13.7% of the workforce.

For employees, home working can save time and money on commutes, give more flexibility over working time, and make it easier for carers and parents doing the school run. Home working is also an important way for some people with disabilities to access the labour market.

There are enormous benefits to home working – from greater efficiency and productivity to employee engagement. Quite simply, for many people, home working is the future of work.

Over half (53%) of workers feel they’d be more productive if they could work outside the office, being free to work without unnecessary meetings, confusing email chains, or long calls.

In addition, general job satisfaction and happiness increases in people who work from home.

Home working is something that SYKES has embraced internationally and we’re especially proud to be reaching out to veterans’ associations and working with Highlands and Islands Enterprise to recruit into a new demographic, often living in rural or remote locations.

So far, SYKES has over 600 Work at Home employees across Europe, with plans to at least double that by the end of this year.

For many years SYKES has been a market leader in developing technological solutions to customer interaction challenges and, in support of clients, a leader in L&D approaches to both train new employees and offer them meaningful pathways to meet their aspirations.

Those interlinked elements come together to make SYKES’ Work at Home proposition such a compelling one, and drive further diversity in the company.

Work at Home has been embraced by a number of SYKES’ clients and will be adopted by others during 2019…opening up many more Work at Home opportunities.

Quite simply, it’s the future of work.

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