Water, the stuff of life


We take balancing economic goals with those of the environment, our people and the communities in which we operate very seriously.

To this end, we established a Green Team in 2015, with a performance expectation “to get us to a zero-carbon footprint.”

The Team works to build environmental awareness, develop and implement carbon reduction polices, and share best practice across the company globally.

Our UK Green Team works with counterparts in other parts of Europe through regular shared updates, and with the company’s Global Sustainability Group that leads best practice and tracks performance across SYKES’ international portfolio of offices.

Achieving the zero-carbon objective is a step-by-step process that requires an interwoven approach involving management, staff and suppliers.  We are, however, proud that SYKES in the UK has reduced its carbon footprint by 90% since 2014.

We’re always looking to go further and recently announced that, with the help of one of our suppliers, we sourced a manufacturer of sugar cane courier bags to replace less environmentally-friendly cardboard.

Another small step was taken this month with SYKES UK replacing meeting room glass and plastic bottles with eco-alternative water cans from Life Natural Spring Water, a British water brand with a conscience.

The Life Water Can is the UK’s first zero plastic water container, 100% recyclable, and made from recycled aluminium.

But the Life Water Can goes further, and is helping to fund clean water projects across the globe through its charity partner, drop4drop.org.  You can click here to see some of the projects it is funding.

In Europe, we take clean water and good sanitation for granted.  But some 663 million people across the world don’t have access to safe water, roughly one in nine of the world’s population.

The UN estimates that half of the world’s hospital beds are filled with people suffering from water-related diseases, that women and children collectively walk 200 million miles a day to collect, often dirty and unsafe, water and, worst of all, 1.5 million children die every year due to water-related diseases.

Our environmental journey will continue, further reducing our carbon footprint, and always ensuring that SYKES does the right thing for the world we live in – here and internationally.

It may just be water, but it is the stuff of life.



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November 14, 2019

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