Symphony in outsourcing

Nick Sellers, Senior Director, Strategy & Marketing

To some extent, we are all outsourcers.

When our car breaks down, we take it to a garage. When our pipes leak , we talk to a plumber.

But if outsourcing those tasks seems a sensible option, why do so many companies shun that same option when it comes to their customer support?

The answer, obviously enough, is that customer support is seen as too important to hand over to an outside agent, who might handle things badly and damage their corporate reputation.

That’s a view that might once have had some validity. But outsourcing is a highly professional business, with companies such as SYKES developing new ways of working and delivering transformational services.

Outsourcing gives our clients access to specialist expertise and capabilities such as robotic process automation (RPA) that provides support on a scale they could not otherwise achieve.

That’s the reason SYKES recently acquired Symphony Ventures Limited, the global consulting, implementation and managed services firm specialising in intelligent automation (IA) and robotic process automation (RPA).

The transaction was the latest in a series of recent strategic acquisitions and partnerships that are helping redefine SYKES as a company.

With Symphony, SYKES is supporting clients’ automation initiatives with a trusted global leader in designing, implementing and managing digital operations in a way that optimises value throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

More generally, outsourcing allows companies to concentrate on what they’re good at, and leave their customer support to what we’re good at.

So, if that’s you, do contact us. Just don’t ask us to mend your car or leaky pipes.


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June 19, 2019

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