Qelp: a self-service case study

Karen Robb, Account Manager, SYKES

We all have expectations, and a company’s customers are no different.

Expectations can be defined as “the strong belief that something will happen, or be the case in the future.”

It underlines why it’s important to understand what consumers expect, because it’s those expectations that influence their decisions.

In a recent survey in the USA, 92% of consumers would stop purchasing from a company after three poor customer service experiences. But for 26%, just one bad experience is enough to persuade them to switch companies.

Interestingly, consumers don’t necessarily want their problems to be solved by interacting with a customer service agent.

According to a recent Harvard Business Review study, the most important factor in customer loyalty is reduction of customer effort. Indeed, a recent Forrester study found that two-thirds of customers said that valuing their time is “the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good service.”

And what better way to reduce customer effort than by enabling them, quickly and easily, to self-solve their problem online?

In today’s digital world, customers largely go online first to resolve a problem or find information about a product, service, or brand

In fact, nearly 60% of customers only ask an agent for help after they’ve visited a company’s website.

Of course, many companies are publishing content to help customers, but the trouble is that much of it doesn’t achieve what it is intended to do, and therefore fails both the customer and the brand.

A Bold Step

SYKES took a bold step in 2015 when we acquired Qelp, a company providing industry-leading online self-service solutions for the communications, technology, education and healthcare sectors. We recognised the changes in the way that customers use and interact with new technologies and communications platforms, and that an unassisted support solution complemented rather than competed with our existing agent-assisted services.

Qelp’s self-serve customer care spans the lifecycle of smartphones and guides mobile user journeys for all but the most complex of issues.

We introduced the solution, a combination of technology, insights and creativity, for one of our clients, a global mobile phone brand, and it has proved its worth in avoiding calls and reaching more users, so saving money and – most importantly – increasing customer satisfaction.

Qelp’s interactive tutorials proved to be immediately and substantially beneficial, with robust metrics to measure success, and providing customers with a visual option that they liked.

Providing customers with interactive tutorials, one-click-fix and remote diagnostics not only resolves issues, but also improves their service experience.

The Solution

Working with Qelp in support of our client has seen benefits realised at every level, supporting the brand and providing real customer benefits.

This is a win-win-win partnership because the average smartphone user asks for help more than twice a year. Consequently, average users cost double a single contact, while more complicated conversations can easily double the cost again.

The partnership has reduced Average Handling Time (AHT) by almost five minutes, reduced the number of repeated support calls by 20% and ensured that only actual broken smartphones are sent for repair.

Previously supporting our client in the UK, Brazil and India, the solution has been extended for the North American market to drive further benefits.

There was substantive communication between Qelp, SYKES and our client to develop the online tutorials, and communication channel remain open to allow tutorials to be updated when product upgrades or new releases come along.

With an extensive database of image-based tutorials, device management and diagnostics tools, SYKES’ agents can give customers clear step-by-step instructions on how to solve their problem, or direct customers to the online instructions they need.

Since introducing Qelp, SYKES has seen:

  • 85% First Contact Resolution
  • Up to 20% reduction in repeat support calls
  • Up to 5 mins reduction of AHT

Prior to implementing Qelp tutorials, the client achieved a problem resolution score (PRS) with their online trouble-shooter of around 60%. Since partnering with Qelp, this has increased to around 80% – and this 20% uplift was achieved almost immediately the tool went live.

Qelp takes that partnership one step further, by giving customers a user-friendly solution to their problems, and giving SYKES another diagnostic tool to advise our client on emerging customer issues.

Qelp is part of the future of customer service outsourcing, and one that SYKES has embraced.  Blending the best of the digital and analogue worlds is Qelp’s real advantage: providing solutions that customers appreciate, and therefore enhancing brand loyalty for our client.

It’s a good example of the changing face of outsourcing and how, as customer expectations rise, companies need professional help more than ever.

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September 10, 2019

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