Inspiring Women at SYKES

At SYKES, we are proud to work together with inspiring colleagues and share their major achievements and careers steps with others. We encourage individual growth for self-development and performance improvement and provide full equality for all employees through management practices and standard operational procedures. Yasmin from Egypt and Ariane from Germany are two great examples for that. Their short profiles were shared with colleagues globally as part of an internal campaign related to International Women’s Day.

Cairo, SYKES Egypt

Yasmin El Maraghy, Senior Account Manager

Yasmin joined SYKES in 2010 as a Spanish speaking agent for one of our major clients who is a key player on the consumer electronics and gaming market. Shortly afterwards Yasmin was promoted to a team lead position, a few months later she was also taking responsibility for the support in additional Western-European languages, and not much later for the whole account. She worked as an Account Supervisor and Operations Manager and in 2014 was promoted to Account Manager and developed herself together with the local team while playing a major role in going live and running more new accounts at the Cairo site. In May 2018 she became Senior Account Manager responsible for key clients in the consumer electronics & telecommunications markets including newly opened accounts.

During her career with SYKES Yasmine was enrolled in LEAP, our development initiative organized by the Learning & Development Department, and also found great value in participating in our mentoring program. She believes that her development as a leader was significantly supported by her mentors dedicating their time and expertise to help her grow, and she also learnt a lot from day-to-day interactions with her direct reports.

Yasmine enjoys all aspects of dealing with people but sees the most rewarding part of her job when she can help professional development and recognize colleagues progressing in their career. One of her most memorable moments at work was a prank by her leaders when she was called into a meeting about serious issues with the account but realized that actually her efforts were recognized and resulted in a promotion to her current role.

Yasmine believes that with passion, focus, hard work and support from the organization she had the opportunity to grow and became successful as a senior leader and most importantly as a working woman.

Closing with a personal story, she recalls memories from 2006 when she was close to completing her post university studies and master’s degree at the Faculty of Arts but felt the need to do something different. She gave lectures at the university during the day and started to work in a call center during the night. Later on, she decided to give up her academic career, changed her profession and finally her efforts and decision were justified by her results.


SYKES Pasewalk, Germany

Ariane Eisensee, Senior Account Manager

Ariane who started her career at SYKES as an Agent 13 years ago particularly enjoys working with our clients and employees. After joining the company, she quickly became Team Manager then moved on to the OMD department. Later she took over a parental leave replacement as a Program Manager and was able to develop into a Senior Account Manager through the position of an Account Manager.

In 2017 she met our company founder John Sykes personally – that was a very special moment of her career.

How the mother of a 2-year-old daughter could pursue this career? By enabling her not only to work in her home office, but also to take care of her child while planning business trips. Through the years with SYKES, Ariane was able to try herself at different areas and to learn in development meetings about her strengths and how she can deal with challenges. By the way, this is a tip that Ariane would also like to pass on to other women: Be self-confident and have trust in your strengths!


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April 6, 2020

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