Going for green

Alice Donaldson, Business Support Manager, Area Operations, Global Region

A recent report from the European Commission found that protecting the environment was of importance to 94% of Europeans.

In America, a recent GALLUP poll found that the majority of Americans say that protection of the environment should be a priority, even at the risk of curbing economic growth.

Those same concerns are being voiced around the world. That’s why we at SYKES decided to do something about it.

Our journey started some four years ago when we began to put in place initiatives to highlight our energy consumption with a view to reducing carbon footprint.

Compliance scheme

We also started with the energy savings opportunity scheme (ESOS), which was a mandatory compliance scheme set up by the government in 2015.

We are proud to say we were one of the first companies in the UK to be audited and compliant four months before any other company.

In the same year, a Green team was established within SYKES.

This works nationally and internationally and with dedicated staff to build environmental awareness, develop and implement carbon reduction polices and share best practice across the company globally.

For example, as part of the Global Sustainability team we upload all utility bills to allow the corporate team to track improvements.

Our supply chain

We also believe in social accountability and that our responsibilities are to our employees, customers and communities. We therefore encourage all employees to act as good stewards of the environment.

SYKES actively participates in recycling programmes, energy conservation measures and employee environmental awareness initiatives, and has introduced a Supplier Code of Conduct.

This ensures that, throughout our supply chain, our partners understand our values, and actively share in them in their own businesses.

We are entirely transparent about our sustainability activities, believing that this encourages trust and collaboration among partners in SYKES’ value chain.

Since 2013, SYKES has reported to the CDP and EcoVadis, a body specific to the call centre/support services industry.

The CDP is an international non-profit organization which runs the global disclosure system that enables companies, cities, and regions to measure and manage their environmental impacts.

EcoVadis creates reliable corporate social responsibility (CSR) ratings and scorecards covering 21 CSR indicators, 150 commodities, and 110 countries. In 2015, SYKES received the CSR Silver Rating.

The green journey

As a global company, we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, be actively involved in cleaning our local environment and ensuring that we are working to reduce our energy consumption.

Since 2015, in the UK, we have reduced paper consumption in different parts of the business by between 30% and 40%, reduced energy consumption by 11%, reduced energy consumption by 27.6%.

In 2014, our carbon footprint was 2057.32 tonnes CO2. In 2016, our carbon footprint was 201.45 tonnes.

It means that, in total since 2014, SYKES UK has reduced its carbon footprint by 90%.

We have a clear and unambiguous goal to reduce our carbon footprint to zero, and we intend to achieve it locally and globally sooner rather than later.



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August 8, 2019

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