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Ailsa Cairney Talent & Engagement Manager

SYKES attracts talented people from many nationalities, cultures and walks of life.

It’s this diversity that allows us to provide services to our clients in so many languages.

It’s also what helps to make SYKES a special place to work, with our people meeting others from around the world and learning more about their countries and cultures.

For our people, it’s important for them to have career aspirations and we have created great talent identification and development polices to help.  If someone is committed to us, we’ll be committed to them, and help them achieve their work ambitions.

Social responsibility at SYKES also extends to recruitment, with employment packages to suit candidates who want to work full-time or part-time, or work from home.

But we’re going further this year to work in partnership with the Lowland Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association to attract former and associated members of the UK’s armed forces.

We recognise that these members have kept us safe by being prepared to put themselves in danger. We also recognise that, for many veterans and their families, aspects of life can be challenging after leaving the Services, not least finding new employment.

These former soldiers, airmen and sailors are disciplined and hard-working, and they bring these qualities to us, making it a win-win for SYKES, too.

We’ll shortly be jointly signing an Armed Forces Covenant that sets out our obligations in detail, with the first candidates likely to be SYKES employees within two or three months.

The signing will be a significant event in itself and will, hopefully, take place before Christmas, and we’ll bring you news in due course.

Another strand in our recruitment thinking is that staff no longer need to come into the contact centre.

New technologies have allowed us to think outside the contact centre box and recruit members of staff to work from home.

That means that new parents, who might only want to work part-time, can join our team.  Or those who cannot accommodate traditional office-based positions.  Or carers with home-help responsibilities.  Or students wanting evening or weekend work. The list goes on.

But being able to offer a work-at-home option also removes another significant recruitment factor.  It makes geography irrelevant.

That’s why we’ve also teamed up with Highlands & Islands Enterprise (HIE), a government agency tasked with developing businesses and communities across the north of Scotland and the Scottish islands.

This is a large area with a diverse range of resources and people skills and, working with HIE, we want to bring additional employment to a region where communities can be very remote indeed.

We piloted a scheme with them last year, and have held events both on the Scottish mainland and some of the Western Isles.

Meetings were held in community centres, hotels and Highland games venues, to communicate the opportunities that SYKES can offer – and that full training is completed remotely.

We’re delighted that we’ll shortly be signing our Covenant to recruit veterans, and working with HIE to attract people in rural or remote parts of the country.

It’s about social responsibility and, wherever and whenever we can, offering the SYKES opportunity to everyone who wants to work with us – wherever they live.

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December 11, 2019

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