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An interview with SYKES UK

Tell us a little of SYKES’ history in the UK?

SYKES has been located in both Edinburgh and Galashiels for over 20 years. We began in Edinburgh with various offices spread across the west of the city and now occupy three buildings on a single site. In Galashiels, we handle end-to-end services for our clients, including fulfilment and promotions.

What kind of clients do you work with?

Gaming, financial services, high-end fashion, healthcare, audio, technology, mobile phones, cosmetics and household cleaning products, travel accessories, student discount cards and more.

What languages and countries do you work in?

North America, LATAM, EMEA & APAC, and in some 25 languages.

How has outsourcing changed recently in the UK?

A growing emphasis on remote working through our Work At Home platform has seen us grow from strength to strength over the past eighteen months. This has allowed us to be able to hire a wide range of staff in more remote locations all over the UK to help us grow. In turn, this has afforded us the opportunity to expand our already impressive client list and adapt our training methods to offer a unique and fresh virtual experience.

What are the main drivers or challenges in outsourcing where you are?

For many companies in the UK, the current political climate has thrown up its fair share of challenges, but it’s important to remember that it’s business as usual and we’ve not allowed it to impact the day-to-day running of SYKES UK. A competitive market also provides challenges when it comes to clients and headcount, but these everyday challenges are to be expected in a large company. To continue to offer a healthy working environment for our staff, and provide excellence of service to our clients are our main aims and what we strive for on a daily basis.

How do you see the future of outsourcing in the UK and the wider region?

With changing landscapes and digital expectations continuing to alter the way we provide our services, it’s important that we continue to keep ahead of the latest trends and technologies to remain a viable solution for clients and staff alike.

What is your ambition for SYKES in the region?

To continue to be innovative and to be a source of inspiration to other sites so we can work as one to drive the business forward. Here in the UK, we are pioneering the latest technologies to support our great customer service, and which showcase the ideas, innovation and all-round talent we have here at SYKES. It’s important that we continue to showcase this to our staff, customers and potential/existing clients as we move forward.

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October 15, 2019

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