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SYKES Germany

When did SYKES first open a centre in Germany?  

SYKES opened the first two German sites (Bochum and Wilhelmshaven) back in 1997. The next site to open its doors was Pasewalk near the Polish border. In 2010 SYKES acquired the former Quelle service centre in Berlin to establish a multilingual hub in Germany. The latest opening was in Solingen, which is a satellite site of SYKES Bochum.

What kind of clients do you work with?

The three verticals with the largest volume share in Germany are Telecommunications (Mobile, Broadband, Cable, IPTV), Technology (Smartphones, Consumer Electronics) and Financial Services (Banking and Payments).

What languages and countries do you work in?

From Germany we support our clients in 14 languages: German, English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Turkish, Arabic, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish.

How has outsourcing changed recently in Germany

Customer service has seen some major changes in recent years with topics became more demanding from a skill profile and training perspective. Telecommunications is no longer the sole dominant vertical as high profile consumer electronics with a deep field of service has seen growth since the spread of smartphone technology.

What are the main drivers or challenges in outsourcing where you are?

The main challenge has been and is the recruitment of employees. Due to a long-lasting economic boom the labour market is challenging, although we do offer great career opportunities, both in-centre and Work At Home.

How do you see the future of outsourcing in Germany and the wider region?

The trend of fewer but more complex customer contacts with higher demands on the skill of agents will continue. The importance of channels like chat and social media will continue to grow and will push the digitization of the customer service industry.

What is your ambition for SYKES in the region?

SYKES’ differentiated full lifecycle solutions and services — digital marketing, sales expertise, customer service, technical support and more through multichannel delivery platforms — shall effectively engage customers at every touchpoint of the customer journey. Our complete service offering will help clients acquire, retain and increase the lifetime value of customer relationships through cost-effective solutions that enhance the customer service experience, promote stronger brand loyalty, and foster high levels of performance and profitability.

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January 15, 2020

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