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An interview with SYKES Egypt

When was SYKES Egypt established?

SYKES Egypt was established in 2009 in one of the best business locations in Cairo, Maadi Technology Park. The country, known as the pearl of Middle East and Africa, offers a unique culture and bilingual environment that is invaluable to our clients and their customers internationally.

Now, ten years later, a mark of our success is that we provide our services in various non-Arabic languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Turkish and Persian.

Why has Egypt, and SYKES, achieved success?

The main reason that Egypt is fast becoming a global competitor in the sourcing world, apart from our favourable cost base and pivotal geographic location, is an abundant and diverse talent pool ideally suited to IT and business process outsourcing.

The country has more than 35 universities and 100 institutes of higher education, generating 500,000 graduates annually. Of those, 220,000 are suited to business process services and 50,000 have an IT related skillset.

That means we can be highly selective in the people we hire, and we look to balance talent with diversity. However, a key to our success, is that we ensure that everyone we take on shares the SYKES caring culture, and to provide our customers with the highest quality of individual service.

That focus on quality and diversity means that our multilingual and talented agents now provide services in over 20 languages across more than 100 countries.

How do you see the future of outsourcing in Egypt?

The future of outsourcing in Egypt looks very bright.

The country has unique characteristics which give us a competitive edge compared to many other countries. The most important one is the diversity of languages spoken here. Egyptians speak many languages such as English, French, German, Dutch, Greek, Hebrew, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Russian and Turkish.

We are also a fast-developing, but low-cost, nation, with a government that is driving forward economic initiatives to scale-up skills and keep ahead of changes in a dynamic labour market. This includes a focus on high-value training in business, digital and technological skills.

How is outsourcing changing in Egypt?

The Information and communications technology (ICT) sector is the fastest growing sector in Egypt, and it’s estimated that the outsourcing industry’s workforce will reach 240,000 FTEs by 2020. That’s a big endorsement of Egypt’s outsourcing capabilities!

The outsourcing industry is constantly changing, driven by market changes, automation and other technological solutions we can now provide. In that respect, changes in outsourcing in Egypt mirrors changes in outsourcing elsewhere.

However, given our track record of success, and our ability to recruit very talented people, SYKES Egypt is well placed to remain ahead of any changes in our industry.


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August 14, 2019

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