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Most of us mark the new year by making resolutions, which mostly involve giving things up or changing lifestyle.  Be it eating less, giving up alcohol for January or changing unhealthy habits.

But the trouble is we’re not very good at sticking to them!  It’s estimated that 80% of people making resolutions will give up in less than three months, mostly because they were unrealistic goals.

A radical change that many are adopting, and sticking with, is working from home

In the UK, government figures indicate there are now some 1.3 million people working from home.

Across the EU, the percentage of people working from home was 5.0% in 2017, with local figures highest in the Netherlands (13.7%), Luxembourg (12.7%) and Finland (12.3%).

The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) has referred to flexible working as “the new normal.”

There are good reasons why people want to work from home.  To fit in with studies, for a better work-life balance, to fit around other work – the list goes on.

However, one common reason cited is the need to balance work and caring commitments.

It’s the reason why Syma from Birmingham now works for us.  “I was in search of a job that would fit in around my two young children, and when I found a position to work from home with SYKES it was the perfect opportunity,” she says.

“Not having to commute to and from work saves a lot of time and being able to work part-time fits in perfectly with my childrens’ school hours so I am able to drop and pick them up from school.”

Syma says she “would definitely recommend working from home for people with young children or if you are unable to work away from home for other reasons.  I am very grateful to have found a position at SYKES which gives me the flexibility to be able to earn and care for my children at the same time.”

It’s a similar message from Saara from Cheshire, who is originally from Finland.  “I was looking for better work opportunities after finishing maternity leave from my second daughter.  The opportunity to work from home seemed ideal, as well as to work in my native language.”

Saara has been with SYKES for over a year and finds homeworking “very easy. It suits me to work independently from home.”

She adds that “not having to commute to work is a big bonus in both time and money. I have two children who go to nursery and school locally and I can easily drop them off in the morning before I start work. I’m also working 28 hours in a 4-day week so I can spend more time with my 2-year-old daughter and save on nursery costs.

“I would recommend working at home 100%. It saves on time and expense and I enjoy working independently. My colleagues and my team leader are always reachable in case I need support or for just a chat. In fact, I think work-at-home is the way of the future as it saves on cost and is surely a more environmental option with the decreased need for people to commute to work.”

It’s a similar story for Laura from Kent, who has been with SYKES for fifteen months, and who chose homeworking to fit work around looking after her children (and dog).

She says that she finds homeworking “very easy, and we still have our teams to chat to so we never feel isolated. I look forward to logging on every day!”

“I can let my dog out on my breaks, and also pick the children up from school. Also, no commuting! My last job was 70% travel time.  At SYKES, my journey to work is switching on my PC and having a cuppa!”

“I just love homeworking.  A lot of people ask me if I feel isolated or alone but, no way.  I have my team and a fab team leader and, if there’s ever a problem with anything, there’s always someone on the end of the phone or on chat.  We share everything, the highs and the lows – just like you would if you were in an office!” she says.

At SYKES, we believe in flexible working.  For some, working from our contact centres suits them best.  For others, remote working or part-time working are better options.

So, whatever might suit you best, SYKES offers you this New Year resolution.



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January 20, 2020

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