In any customer care environment, managing quality and compliance is vital. However, quality and compliance in a work-at-home environment demands that your team stays on script, and this can be particularly challenging.

Advances in technology and how we apply this through quality and compliance lets us meet this challenge.

How does technology allow us to achieve quality and compliance in a work-at-home environment?

Attain quality and compliance with virtual training

The first step towards quality and compliance in a work-at-home environment is to make sure your people are properly skilled and understand the need for process adherence. This is achieved through effective education, meaning that well-planned and delivered virtual training is crucial.

Monitor quality and compliance in a work-at-home environment

Close monitoring of customer interactions helps identify potential issues quickly so that appropriate action can be taken.

In a contact centre environment, team leaders and managers observe what is happening, perhaps simply by looking over their shoulder. This isn’t, of course, an option in a work-at-home environment. However, technology enables leaders to see what’s happening on the agent’s screen as well as to listen to the customer conversation. In this case the manager can monitor and engage with the agent, if required. The technology that allows for screens to be shared also enables managers to chat to work-at-home agents via instant message if needed.

Along with virtual training, the monitoring of agents is a vital aid to quality and compliance in a work-at-home environment.

Real-Time support for quality and compliance

If work-at-home agents are to remain compliant and deliver the highest level of quality, it’s important they can ask questions and receive instant support. This is no different to an in-centre environment.

Putting in place the system that enable agents to raise their hand for help, instantly alerts their manager, team leader or an SME. They can immediately provide advice relating to issues of quality and compliance, keeping the work-at-home agent on script. Technology can also predict when a work-at-home agent will need help, flagging the situation to the team so they can provide the necessary assistance. A further aid is the use of knowledge bots that can automatically suggest an answer as the agent is waiting for support.

Attaining quality and compliance in a work-at-home environment can be challenging. However, advances in technology let us meet this challenge.

PCI Compliance in a work-at-home environment

Protecting customer information is always a key security concern and PCI standards protect cardholder data when purchases are made. This might indicate that the work-at-home environment is unsuited to handling sensitive information, however, a number of steps can be taken to ensure a home-based programme remains compliant.

For example, where customer credit card data is captured, agents don’t need to see or hear the details because the customer will type their details directly into the system, without the involvement of the agent. In other cases, on-screen information is masked and revealed field by field only when absolutely essential for the transaction.

Ultimately, quality and compliance in a work-at-home environment does not need to compromise PCI Compliance.

Use behavioural analytics to check quality and compliance processes

Customer Support Staff follow prescriptive patterns on their use of technology as they respond to customer requests.  How often they put someone on hold, search a customer database or knowledge base, add a request to a payment engine, repair request etc.  By using machine learning an electronic pattern can emerge.  This pattern can be used in a number of ways from identifying what the top agents are doing differently from the rest to automatically highlighting suspicious behaviour or a lack of process compliance.

Managing quality and compliance in a work-at-home environment is effective and efficient thanks to advances in technology. To find out more about this, or for further details about how OneTEAM can help you to remain complaint, please get in touch.

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