Every language, every need – covered by SYKESHome!

Buildings have physical constraints, but SYKESHome delivers every customer service need

Unrestricted by a physical location, many benefits become true for your customer support. Whatever talent acquisition, available space or other restrictions your company experiences, a home-based team will address them.

SYKESHome operates in a number of European countries, as well as in other regions. With many languages supported by native and near-native speakers, and virtually limitless resources looking for flexible working to suit personal, family and lifestyle needs, home-based working is growing in popularity and interest with both companies and employees.

Since home-based teams are not defined or restricted by building or country boundaries, our coverage continues to grow to meet the needs of businesses and their customers, serving seasonal, out-of-hours, or special talent needs. Part-time and split-shift working suits employees well and are key contributors to achieving operational agility.

Here are some of the ways that WAH helps companies to serve their customers

  • Recruits from the entire population, not just those within a radius of a building
  • Brings into the workforce groups excluded by disability or location
  • Recruits people with specific experience or qualifications
  • Targets special interest groups, for affinity programmes and local knowledge needs

Whether your need is to deploy a large team, support customers in many languages, recruit for specialist skills or qualifications, support special interests, or handle seasonal, weekly or intra-day peaks, or any combination of these, SYKESHome is there to help. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have – please get in touch.

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