What is SYKESHome?

SYKESHome Europe provides work-at-home customer service solutions that meet the needs of business

Delivering customer service at scale and across many languages is a challenging model to manage and maintain. Companies find the shifting availability of language speakers and changing business needs add to the challenge of finding and keeping good staff.

SYKESHome is an outsourced, work-at-home customer service model that delivers scalable, agile and highly-targeted customer service and technical support. Our agents are SYKES employees with agreed hours of employment. Ours is not a contractor or zero-hours contract model that places a high value on employee satisfaction to deliver results in today’s always-on customer service environment.

SYKESHome is a multilingual customer service solution that brings home-based native and near-native language speakers, supported by SYKES OneTEAM technology for collaboration, communication, team management, insights and precision training, SYKESHome dedicates a programme management team to deliver quality customer support through pure home-based teams or as a blended solution with in-centre agents.

The work-at-home (WAH) solution recruits the right people for each role, trains them remotely or through classes brought together for this purpose and manages the team in their own homes across the region. Pioneered over twenty years ago, SYKESHome Europe now serves the needs of companies looking for an alternative to serving customers from a contact centre.

Those twenty years of WAH experience are important. Delivering successful home-based agent programmes goes well beyond simply using in-centre processes and materials. Caring for your people and customers in this virtual model requires different methods, technology and working practices for the best outcomes.

If your business needs an alternative to your inhouse, in-centre team, or your current outsource partner doesn’t have a home-based track record, SYKESHome is the answer.  Contact us for more information.

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