What is SYKESHome for Europe?

SYKESHome for Europe provides work-at-home customer service solutions enabled by technology

Delivering customer service at scale and across many languages is among the most challenging of customer service models to manage and maintain. The shifting availability of language speakers and constantly changing business needs add to the difficulty of finding and keeping good staff.

SYKESHome is an outsourced, work-at-home customer service model that enables businesses to achieve scalable and agile customer service and technical support. The agents are SYKES employees, not contractors, with agreed hours of employment (no zero-hours contracts) that play a vital part in today’s always-on customer service environment.

SYKESHome for Europe is a multilingual customer service solution that brings home-based native and near-native language speakers, supported by OneTEAM technology for collaboration, communication and insights, and utilising one programme management team, to deliver quality customer support as either a standalone support solution or blended with an in-centre team.

The work-at-home (WAH) solution recruits, trains and manages the right people to support customers from their own homes across the region. Pioneered over twenty years ago in the US, SYKESHome for Europe now serves the needs of companies prepared to break the established norm of serving customers from a contact centre.

Those twenty years of US WAH experience are important because delivering successful home-based agent programmes goes well beyond simply using in-centre processes and materials for the virtual customer service world. Looking after your people in this distributed model, and delivering on programme requirements, necessitates different methods, technology and working practices that do not adapt easily from a conventional contact centre.

If your business needs are not being met successfully by your inhouse, in-centre team, or by your current outsource partner, SYKESHome will provide the answer. Contact us for more information.

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