When it comes to outsourcing to one support partner (single-sourcing), there is a view that it’s risky.

As a result, as companies evolve and grow, they often bring new partners on board to handle part of their customer service requirement.

But, when managed in the right way, there doesn’t need to be a risk. There are always pros and cons to any customer service model, including running it inhouse. Outsourcing to one support partner and multiple-sourcing approaches to outsourcing your customer service needs shouldn’t be a risk to your career or your company.

Outsourcing to one support partner actually offers a number of benefits to businesses


One often-cited concern that companies flag about single-sourcing is that the partner won’t be able to provide all the specialist skills they need, both now and in the future.

However, just as your business changes and grows, your customer service partner will evolve and grow, too. And, if you’ve built a strong, trusting relationship, they will be happy to respond to your changing needs and work alongside you to create the most effective, efficient solutions.

It’s impossible to predict all your future needs and if, in the future, you find that your business needs support that your current vendor is unable to provide, you still have the option to go to RFP and see what the market has available.


Many companies split their needs between vendors to encourage competition and play them off against each other.

But why split a contract simply for the sake of splitting it? If you trust your vendor, have a positive relationship with them, they’ve delivered results in existing areas of the business, and they offer acceptable terms, why take a risk on a new vendor, purely for the sake of it?

A strong relationship that’s built on trust ensures that pretty much all problems can be resolved. Also, as contracts are reviewed and renewed every few years, this allows for a health check on the relationship and ensures both parties can exit when necessary.

Outsourcing to one support partner delivers a host of benefits

So, while outsourcing to a single support partner can seem like a risk, this need not be the case. In fact, outsourcing to one support partner actually offers a number of benefits to businesses:

  • You need focus on only one partner, meaning you can put all your energy into growing a single relationship.
  • Communication becomes easier as fewer parties are involved.
  • Customers will receive a uniform service across all outsourced areas of the business.
  • Security and compliance needs are handled with just one provider, rather than many outsourcers.
  • Achieving a smooth transition for new lines of business and product lines is easier when outsourcing to one support partner because your partner’s management and agents are already familiar with your brand, culture, processes and systems.
  • And when it comes to supporting new lines of business, there could be cost savings as existing agents, already trained on CRM tools and other systems, become better utilised and support your brand well.

To find out more about outsourcing your customer service, please get in touch with the SYKES team.

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