As we move into the second half of 2021, there are signs that things are starting to get back to normal. Consumer demand is picking up and businesses in many sectors are looking towards the future and recovery.

But recovery doesn’t have to mean getting back to ‘normal’ and returning to who we were and how we did things prior to lockdown. Instead, many businesses are considering how they can change moving forward, specifically how they can make things easier for their employees and their customers.

Recovery doesn’t mean a return to how things were before

Recovery is a process, one that presents opportunities to adapt and grow. And, as we consider examples from different sectors, it’s clear to see that it is manifesting itself in a number of ways.

  • Airbnb

Airbnb’s approach to recovery is based on a belief that the market will bounce back. It focuses on the need to make their process as easy as possible for consumers – both homeowners renting out properties and travellers staying in them.

Although badly hit by the global restrictions imposed on the travel sector in 2020, the company has taken time to establish how it can build in more flexibility for consumers, adapting the platform and business model accordingly.

  • Visa

Visa’s approach is very much that recovery leads to a new version of normal, seeking to adapt and build on their core services.

Over recent years, they have faced increasing competition from FinTech disruptors. In response, they are building a Visa marketplace, making it easier for merchants to access new technologies. Rather than contracting directly through a technology provider, merchants will be able to access different services through Visa.

  • Tesco

Like Visa, Tesco’s approach to recovery is to adapt and improve their services, creating new opportunities.

Experimenting with fast food service models, they now offer consumers the option to receive their delivery within 60-minutes, just as with other fast food delivery services such as Just Eat and Deliveroo.

  • Domino’s

Like many other businesses, recovery for Domino’s means heavy recruitment and on-going growth.

With so many of us staying home last year, the demand for Domino’s increased, and they filled those growth positions with people who had been put on furlough or lost their job.

Now the economy is recovering, however, many of those people are returning to previous roles. So the company is currently recruiting 5000 workers to replace 5000 hired last year. The fact Domino’s is recruiting to fill these roles permanently demonstrates that the increase in consumer traffic it experienced last year hasn’t declined.

For the Customer Experience Management (CXM) industry, recovery is opening up a global market

Recovery looks different for everyone. For the CXM industry, it brings the potential of a truly global market.

Some of the previous, clear lines of demarcation have become blurred. Where there used to be easily distinguishable price points – domestic, near shore, offshore – companies are now aware that they can recruit further afield using home-based support. There are real opportunities emerging for something new and different, rather than just reverting back to how things were done before.

The UK, for example, is becoming a work-at-home location for US companies looking for native English language support with similar employment and cultural values.

Why are businesses open to doing things differently?

For the past 15 months, companies have cycled from panic and the urgent need to implement change, through to soul searching and considering what the future should look like.

Now, many have identified that recovery doesn’t mean return to what they did before 2020. Instead, they can take the opportunity to build something better-suited to what they need for this new future.

SYKES can help your business embrace the opportunities offered by recovery, whether by delivering support in-centre or home-based, or with automation and self-service, SYKES has the experience and resources needed for your success. To find out more, please get in touch!

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