Home-based customer service jobs with SYKES in Europe

Working from home is an option many people choose to accommodate family, lifestyle and commuting priorities. Enabled by modern technology, SYKESHome for Europe is a great solution for the demands of a busy life; providing flexibility, additional income and a welcome occupation. As the needs and pace of life change, home-based working with SYKESHome for Europe creates opportunities to adapt working hours, change type of work, and learn new skills without the need to change employer or leave your own home.

SYKESHome is a customer service solution for companies that has provided many thousands of people with home-based customer service employment for over twenty years. From origins in the United States, SYKESHome now employs hundreds of people across Europe and gives employees secure employment as well as providing a flexible and agile customer support solution for companies.

Everyone’s circumstances are different, and few other working models offer the benefits of home-based working. You might, for example, be able to work only a few hours each day, or work only certain hours, or work a limited number of days in the week, to fit around the demands of a young family or an elderly family relative requiring care.

Different from many other European work-at-home service providers, all SYKESHome agents are employees with contracted hours of employment. This quite unlike others that use only self-employed contractors or recruit on zero-hour contracts. The benefits of this are clear as our employees know what their working commitments are, what their regular income will be, and can fit their personal and work commitments together with confidence.

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SYKESHome Europe History

SYKES acquired Alpine Access, a specialist home-based agent outsourcer, in 2012 and rebranded the business as SYKESHome. Alpine Access commenced operations around 13/14 years before the acquisition and had become one of the largest Work At Home providers in North America. Since the acquisition, SYKES has invested heavily in the home-based agent model and improved the technology platforms that enabled it to work.

Most recently, the OneTeam platform allows agents on an account, whether in-centre or at home, to collaborate and communicate virtually, as well as improve agent access to knowledge and information. In Europe, SYKESHome began 4 years ago and has grown to over 600 agents across around 12 accounts, with agents located in The United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, Romania and Hungary. The Work At Home team augments existing client accounts by improving agent retention and enabling greater operational flexibility.


Languages spoken


Home-based employees

SYKESHome Careers

All across EMEA, our talented 600 home-based Customer Service Advisors delivers excellence in 12 different languages: Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Turkish. We expect SYKESHome Europe to grow beyond 1000 people over the next 6-9 months and further over the year or so beyond this.

Our agents’ role is to support the final users over the phone or by e-mail/chat and give the best resolution. To ensure our agents are well equipped for this role, their SYKES journey will start with a training that will teach them how to handle most common requests. Also, our agents receive excellent support in the role from a dedicated team manager.

Since SYKESHome is an innovative model for European customer service, bringing together talented employees, years of programme management experience and a proven enabling technology layer, we also offer career growth opportunities for our home-based agents. A significant contributing factor to the generation of our long standing and happy employees is the development and progression opportunities widely available to those who perform well and want to progress. As a Customer Service Advisor, the most common available roles for promotion are: Technical Support Representative, Quality Monitor and Team Leader.

“No commute, all the convenience – that’s the value in working for SYKESHome while earning income and building skills. As part of the Work At Home team, you will connect with people from around the world and help them through customer service.”

“My work-at-home position allows me the opportunity to provide A+ customer service from the comfort of my home. Very convenient, easy, and fun. Great work from home job with a perfect management staff. It’s exactly what I need!”

Homeworking Requirements

As you will be working from home, PC literacy, a high degree of flexibility in your schedule, strong organisation skills, independence and self-reliance are essential. You will also need the following:

  • A dedicated home office space which is separate, quiet and free from background noise;
  • An internet router with a free network connection for our computer (the computer will be provided to you free of charge and will be for work use only);
  • A broadband connection (DSL, VDSL or cable connection, no Internet radio or satellite) with a Downstream of at least 16 Mbit/s and Upstream of at least 1 Mbit/s;
  • Comfortable and ergonomically sound furniture.

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