Over recent years, we’ve witnessed high-growth companies fuelled by innovation, investors and an entrepreneurial approach.

Uber is a prime example of a high-growth company that is disrupting the taxi industry and continues to expand from there.

A high-growth company is defined by the OECD as being ‘a firm of 10 or more employees that grows either its employees or turnover by an average of more than 20% for more than 3 consecutive years’.

What do high-growth companies have in common? More often than not, they’ve got a great business concept, enviable technical skills, they have venture capital investment, and they don’t have the burden of a long legacy.

As any entrepreneur will tell you, growing a company from scratch is no easy task. And one key factor that high-growth companies can’t afford to overlook is customer service.

While they clearly have a great business concept, high-growth companies should be aware that customer service will be a very present need in their business as they grow.

All too often, high-growth companies such as ecommerce, online and digital companies don’t recognise customer service as a key to a successful business. Starting out with a great solution, they only need a small team in the office taking calls.

While this is a manageable approach at the beginning, when significant, fast-paced growth is experienced, it can become a potentially serious problem.

When, for example, the company can’t track each customer’s journey, they won’t be aware that a customer has been in contact ten times about an issue, or whether this is their first contact. This can, in turn, lead to inconsistent service and dissatisfied customers.

What’s more, poor levels of customer service, if not fixed early enough, will cause long-term damage to the brand.

And that’s where a support partner can come in. As specialists in delivering customer service solutions to a wide variety of companies and sectors, they provide the experience that a company’s management team often don’t have.

In summary, it’s vital that high-growth companies put the relevant partners or tools in place to ensure that the customer service they offer can keep up with their overall growth. If it can’t, they might achieve a great reputation for innovation and addressing the customer’s primary need, but a bad reputation when it comes to customer service.

To find out more about the benefits of working alongside a customer service partner, or to discuss the customer service requirements of your high-growth company, please get in touch.

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