2020 hasn’t been the year that anyone expected.

For some, the pandemic ignited the need for change and revealed just what is possible when we embrace new ways of thinking about and doing business, others are simply waiting for everything to return to what it was before.

Businesses must find the balance between these two outlooks. They must plan for the worst-case scenario while, at the same time, being ready to embrace the changes that will help them navigate the new year ahead.

So will 2021 be the year that businesses dare to embrace customer support models and options they previously dismissed?

Daring to be different doesn’t have to mean radically changing everything, but simply being sufficiently invested and open-minded to set up a pilot to deliver success.

  • Work-At-Home

WAH has been available for many years. Few companies have adopted this way of working, preferring an in-centre environment. The saying, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it,” was used all too often to dismiss WAH as a safe and sustainable choice. Now, with the new year just around the corner, most companies are including home-based agents as part of their 2021 CX strategy.

  • Self-service

Given the choice, the majority of consumers like to deal with things by themselves. Implementing effective self-service online will substantial reduce the number of contacts received via phone or email. Making this a part of 2021 CX strategy serves both consumer and business objectives.

  • Automation

Automation eliminates a significant number of agent hours required to handle manual office tasks, freeing them to concentrate on higher-level tasks and, ultimately, reducing the hours required. By implementing automation tools, or delegating simple customer interactions to a bot, customers get the answers they’re looking for, and agents deployed to more engaging work. Robotic technology does, in a very real sense, “takes the robot out of the human” . Again, planning for different in 2021 can help people on both sides of the customer interaction.

So, as the sun sets on the 2020, let 2021 be different, like a vaccine that offers your CX immunity from future infections.

For more information on how SYKES can help you with work-at-home, self-service and automation programmes, please get in touch!


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