When a company opts to outsource customer service, or any area of their business for that matter, there needs to be a significant shift in culture.

Whether you’re outsourcing for the first time or working with a new provider, it’s important to not only find the right partner, but also to establish the right relationship.

Define a vision

Culture comes from a clearly defined vision, which everyone can contribute to achieve. This sits at the very heart of the business and allow you to source a support partner with a set of aligned views. This, in turn, is important for the success of the long-term business relationship.


Clear communication provides great strength to relationships and ensures that all areas of the business are empowered to share the right information. The positive, open relationship with your outsource partner brings with it the sense of trust needed to develop best practices for communicating with your customers. A good partner has access to analytical data they can use to drive positive change to your service model.

One Team

When outsourcing customer service, it’s important that in-house and outsourced teams consider themselves one team with common objectives. Working together to achieve shared goals, or resolve issues that impact performance, is key. Rather than a culture of blame, this can be viewed as a partnership, with each contributor working together for the good of the customer, and the business.


When outsourcing customer service, you’ll need to be flexible and highly adaptable – as does your outsourcing partner. Being tuned to business needs will help ensure the highest level of service and the best possible customer experience.

Cultural differences

If an outsourcing partner is located offshore, it’s important to take into account the culture of their country and it’s people. Where, for example, communication is low key and non-confrontational in some countries, other cultures are more direct and to the point so understanding and alignment is very important.

Creating a culture within your organisation that works for all stakeholder, and allows seamless communication between in-house and outsourced team members, will deliver better results earlier than would otherwise be possible.

Control of your brand

When outsourcing customer service, it’s important that control of your brand is maintained to ensure that customer experience is consistent across all areas of the business.

Your outsourcer should encourage on-target service delivery through client branding and alignment, being willing to adapt their culture in line with your own. This might be a company that already has experience of providing a similar “feel” for your business. Or might be an outsourcing partner that is already providing support for your industry.

Establishing the right culture and working with a service partner who will embrace your vision is key to successfully outsourcing customer service.

To find out more about outsourcing customer service and how you can create the right culture, please get in touch.

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