SYKESHome for Europe is a work-at-home customer support solution

European customer service language and cultural diversity is delivered by SYKESHome from SYKES

Across Europe, SYKES has been serving customers on behalf of global and local brands for many years, establishing a reputation for quality service and excellent value for money. SYKESHome for Europe is our work-at-home model that taps into Europe’s rich talent, language and cultural diversity without the travel-to constraints of a contact centre. Through this, outsourced European customer support programmes can be designed and finely tuned for optimum performance.

Many companies already allow employees to work from home occasionally, perhaps one day each week, while being based in their office. Customer service is still largely anchored to a building by technology, security concerns, and working practices. The standards of customer service achieved in the contact centre are, therefore, largely dependent on the available talent within a 50km/30-mile radius of the physical building.

SYKESHome for Europe breaks down these physical barriers by recruiting, training and managing teams located in their own homes. This creates the perfect customer service and technical support solution for businesses that need agility and flexibility in customer support.

 As European economies grow, the demand for talent is growing, too, and this challenges available facilities such as classrooms and workstations. All these constraints are addressed by SYKESHome, which brings together

  • Over twenty years’ experience in delivering virtual customer service operations
  • Decades of European presence, supporting multilingual programmes
  • OneTEAM platform, providing collaboration, communications, analysis and insight
  • Blended work-at-home and in-centre operational abilities

 SYKESHome for Europe addresses security concerns, recruitment challenges, and team performance, and is used by many leading brands as a part of their customer service model. This taps into the biggest talent pool, uses OneTEAM technology, and blends with in-centre resources where necessary.


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