Home-based customer service solutions for Europe

Virtually-Scalable Customer Service is here

Many companies turned to work-at-home when they needed customer service continuity.
This will continue as a key element in their future service model

Virtually-Scalable Customer Service is here

Many companies turned to work-at-home when they needed customer service continuity.
This will continue as a key element in their future service model

SYKESHome for Europe – where home-based agent solutions start

Work-at-home agent solutions for European customer service needs

Welcome to SYKESHome for Europe. Here, we explain the benefits and advantages of outsourcing your customer service and technical support needs to an expert work-at-home management team, skilled in the recruitment, training and deployment of home-based agents in a European environment.

Based on many years of work-at-home agent programme management experience and the resources of a global leader in outsourced customer service solutions, SYKESHome for Europe brings together everything needed for successful deployment of the virtual contact centre in a European environment.

Core benefits

SYKESHome is an innovative model for European customer service, bringing together talented employees, years of programme management experience and a proven enabling technology layer.

Unlimited multilingual customer service

Well, virtually unlimited. Without the limitations imposed by travel-to-distance labour markets and building constraints.

Corporate social responsibility

From pollution caused by commuting to including groups that cannot travel and work in a conventional workplace, SYKESHome helps.

Talent matching

For programmes needing fans, or experience, or qualifications, your needs can be fine-tuned to employ just the right people.

Seasonal demand peaks

Even the most extreme seasonal or intra-day or -week peaks are accommodated easily through the part-time and split-shift working preferred by home-based agents.

Resource library

Scroll through the solution brochures below or view our videos in the resource library.

What do work-at-home agents think?

Previous employment, I travelled 3 – 4 hours each day. Now I have that time back, I’m much happier.


As I suffer from a long term illness working from home means I can work more days as I no longer need to worry about the commute each day.


I work for SYKESHome because it fits in around my family life perfectly. The Company make you feel well supported and you never feel ‘alone’ even though you’re at home!


Being able to work part time has allowed me to work with council services to better care for my ill child.


Work at Home really works for me; Being a person that is interested in balance and wellbeing, from a personal perspective as well as environmental aspects. I help the environment a bit by not using my car on a daily basis, I help, by choosing not to be part of highway congestion in the morning. I do not have to go through storm and bad weather to reach the office. I am at home, with a cup of coffee in my hand, speaking to those customers that need my advice.


Best Practices

To succeed with work-at-home customer support programmes, the following must be adhered to:

  • Employ the right people – choose those that engage well virtually
  • Use technology well – for collaboration, communication and friendship
  • Be creative – engaging remote employees demands imagination and focus
  • Empathise – serving customers is tough, doing it remotely is still tough


Questions answered

Why should I consider a home-based agent team for customer service? What are the advantages?

SYKESHome teams are very agile, satisfying peaky demand, or high seasonal volumes. And home-based customer service agents typically have around fifteen years of work experience and a college or higher education, which can be valuable if programmes need specific skills that are not readily available close to a contact centre building. Further information is available in our SYKESHome Europe infosheet or by contacting us.

How do you know agents are doing what they are supposed to?

OneTEAM is the enabling technology platform we use in home-based programmes. Developed internally, agents use this to raise their hand, ask questions, change status and many other things. From a management perspective, the platform tells managers whether their team members are in a call or chat and displays the key information necessary for effective management and reporting. More information is available by contacting us.

Is work-at-home secure for my company’s data and customers?

Security is a key consideration in any customer service programme. SYKESHome for Europe uses applicant profiling and checks, as well as multiple technology layers and behavioural analysis, to satisfy security requirements. Only SYKES-owned equipment is used, and no data is stored, downloaded or printed locally. For more information, please contact us.

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